Welcome To My Nightmare

Welcome to whackingoffinhats.com My original idea was a webcam type of deal, where I would whack off every afternoon wearing a different novelty hat. I came up with the idea while beating the bishop in an observation post in Afghanistan. At the time I discovered that there were over a billion people in the world with Internet access. A BILLION!!! That kind of number virtually guarantees that it would be fairly easy to find ten thousand Weird Harold’s that want to pay five bucks a month to watch me whack it in a Viking hat (Wednesday’s). Fifty G’s to wear a hat and do something I’m pretty much doing anyway. Like a license to print money. It never happened though. I just couldn’t throw myself out there. Plus the camera tends to add pounds and subtract inches, and the weird Harold’s would have to be super weird. So after 12 years or so of mulling it over, I figured I’d register the name just I case anyone else discovered the gold mine, so at least I could sell it. No buyers yet. So instead I’m just going to use it as a place to post things that are in my head. It’s a mess in there, and maybe this could help me organize my thoughts a little better. Or it will end up jamming more shit in there that I don’t really need. We’ll see.